Bountyjack: The Story


Around a decade ago, animals became sentient overnight. It was quite a shock to humanity, suddenly having something just as intelligent, if not moreso, than us to share the Earth. Bountyjack follows the journey of a pet rabbit who is thrown into the wild, becomes a hardened, suprisingly successful bounty hunter until he encounters his toughest target yet: his former master.





A former happy-go-lucky pet rabbiprofilet, McKay was thrown into the harsh wilderness. After becoming hardened and cynical by the experience, he was trained as a ruthless bounty hunter. Despite this, he’s very protective of children and bullying victims. He’s developed a gallows wit ,a mischievious side, and is a bit cocky, but has a goofy side that is brought out when he’s in a good mood or with Sydney.





Syndey is an 18 year old girl and McKay’s former childhood master. Being raised in an overprotective home, she tends to over-compensate in asserting her independence. She’s smart, nerdy, and enthusiastic, but her over-eagerness doesn’t match her experience, and this often gets her in trouble. She’s also one of the few who are able to disarm him, as she knows his temper and his soft spot twoards children and the weak.

Known as “the bison” because he refuses to be named as he sees them as an invention of human culture. Despite vast wisdom, dry wit, and fierce pasion, he is an unabashed bigot. He hates buffaloand distrusts all humans, no exceptions. Years of living on the plains witnessing humans slaughtering and exploiting his species has left him with a very low opinion of them. He became a bounty hunter to satisfy his taste for revenge, flying it under a false banner of “justice”. He’s also painfully aware that because of his age, his days of hunting are over; he lives out his angst through his students. Suprisingly, he is not without his warm spots; he trains out of a genuine fear for the new generations, wants the best for McKay, however peverse that concern may be.